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I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in a long time.  I’ll catch up, I promise.

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The beloved musical “Fiddler on the Roof” is coming to Stage West Calgary this spring!


Volume 2, Issue 15 (Early April 2014)

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In just a couple of weeks, Fiddler on the Roof is scheduled to begin its run at Stage West Calgary.  It opens on Thursday evening, April 17th, and is scheduled to close on Sunday evening, June 22nd.  The show focuses on love and family, as Tevye, a poor dairyman, tries to instill in his five daughters the traditions of his tight-knit Jewish community in the face of changing social mores and growing anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia.

When Fiddler first opened on Broadway in 1964, it became the first musical theatre show to surpass 3,000 performances.  It held the record for longest-running Broadway musical for almost ten years, until Grease broke that string.  It won nine Tony Awards in 1965, including Best Musical, and have been revived four other times; its latest revival, in 2004, was nominated for six Tony Awards.

After Fiddler on the Roof concludes its run in the spring, Stage West Calgary will be presenting Avenue Q as its summer show.  It is scheduled to run from June 26th to August 31st at our theatre.  It opened on Broadway in 2003, and was nominated for six Tony Awards that season, including Best Musical – which it won.  Avenue Q was also listed in Entertainment Weekly’s 2013 end-of-the-decade “best of” list.  A word of warning, however – it is rated R for strong adult language, mature themes… and puppet nudity.

Would you like to see either amazing show?  If you serve as your company’s social club coordinator, or events planner, please let me know if you’d like a table for two.  I would be happy to let you sample the product, so to speak, before committing to a group function.  Enjoy our buffet, our entertainment, and our hospitality – just let me know what dates or times work best for you.

How do you feel about a free lunch?

I’m a strong proponent of it, personally.  Especially when it’s the seafood buffet served every Friday at Stage West Calgary.  If your evenings are your quiet time, or if you’re just as busy as night as you are during the day, I can also treat you to lunch at the theatre.  It would be a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, and one in which you can similarly experience our hospitality, and learn a bit more about our shows.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter,  I will be (in all likelihood) phasing my newsletter out soon.  Rigorous Canadian anti-spam laws will be taking effect later this year, so unless (or until) I think of a good launching point for a new one, one that provides an easily accessible launching point for opting in… my newsletters will be coming to an end.  If you don’t want to receive these anymore, please click on the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom; I definitely do not want to bother you, and it won’t hurt my feelings.  However, if you do like receiving these, please let me know – and share it as well.

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I graduated from Laurentian University in 1995 with an Honors Bachelor of Commerce in Sports Administration.  A lifelong baseball fan, I worked for several professional teams, including the Calgary Cannons, the Calgary Roughnecks, the Medicine Hat Blue Jays, and the Colorado Springs Sky Sox.  I worked in nearly every aspect of the industry – group sales, ticketing, marketing, and media relations were just some of the departments I worked in or coordinated.  Prior to joining Belterra on a consultant basis in 2010, I worked for a Calgary-based logistics company.  In August of 2011, I joined the Stagewest Hospitality sales team, focusing primarily on the city’s preeminent dinner theatre experience, Stage West Calgary.

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