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My blog title isn’t a set-up for a joke, so settle down, readers.  This quick blog (and it’s been a while since I’ve written one, so I might be out of practice) is a reminder that “Love Train – the Soul of Motown” is winding up its amazing run at Stage West Calgary this weekend.  If you still haven’t seen it – or if you need to see it again – there are only five shows left, the last one taking place on Sunday evening, February 2nd.

“Love Train” earned rave reviews, and audiences loved it.  It will be – in not just the proverbial sense – a tough act to follow.  But the show must go on, and here’s the show to do it.


“This laugh-out-loud comedy has everything one can hope for in a modern-day farce: two likable cops operating way out of their league, a supposedly crooked mayor with impeccable timing, his innocent-acting wife, a shy accountant with a penchant for dropping her drawers, a nervous double agent who’d like to get IN those drawers, a Scottish hit man whose brogue gets thicker the angrier he gets, two adjoining motel rooms, simmering sexual tension and eight doors a slammin’.” –  Donald V. Calamia, Between the Lines

Two cops.  Three crooks.  Eight doors.  Go!



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