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‘Tis the season.  The annual Hall of Fame debate season.

The newest BBWAA ballot was released this week, listing the names of 36 former major league baseball players.  Some of them had careers that compare to the legends of the game that came before them, the players whose names are deservedly mentioned in “best-ever” conversations.  Others had careers that are worthy of a good, long look at their merits, because time has a way of altering one’s perceptions and feelings.  There are also those who, well, played baseball for a long time and had the type of success that should make many a mortal man envious… and that’s it.

For the next several weeks, a lot of people will weigh in on who deserves to be enshrined in Cooperstown next summer.  Writers and bloggers, TV talking heads and number-crunchers, former players and coaches, professionals and amateurs (like me!) – all of them have an opinion.  And trust me, they never agree.

Don’t Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens both deserve to go in, based on their statistics?

Shouldn’t Greg Maddux be a unanimous selection?

Will Jack Morris get enough votes in his fifteenth and final year on the BBWAA ballot?

If Bruce Sutter can get in, what about Lee Smith?

And so on, and so on.

I’ve been writing a couple of blogs on the matter for the last three years, just because I like doing it.  To sum it up in one sentence, I love and I hate the Hall of Fame.  The politicking, the guesswork, the innuendo and the opinions that just make no sense bug the hell out of me.  Another aspect of the process that has bothered me increasingly more over the years is the fact that many BBWAA voters are not even actively covering baseball.  They have either moved on to other sports, or retired… but it’s irrelevant because once you get that voting privilege, you get it for life.

I’ve written about certain players, and I’m sure that if you care you can easily find those blogs.  I’m not quite sure who – or what – I will write about this time, so if you have any suggestions, send them in.  This year, I don’t want to write about the same things that get argued about ad infinitum, so I’ve got to get creative.  Help me out.   Also, if you run across an article or blog that you think I’d be interested in reading, let me know.

Oh, and Tim Raines IS a Hall of Famer.


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