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It looks short, but it’s pretty long. (Read on.)   Leave a comment

Hi there.  Just posting my latest “MacAskill’s Mailer” newsletter to the blog here.  It’s a particularly difficult e-publication to cut and paste, so if you don’t mind, I’ll just put the link here.

But here’s a hint.  “I Love You Because” is an easy, breezy, somewhat predictable but you’ll-enjoy-the-ending musical.  And the set is outstanding.  The buffet, likewise.




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You DO want to save money, right, Calgary students?   Leave a comment

Just thought I’d share this with you.

Stage West Calgary is offering a special September promotional rate to any post-secondary Calgary student for the show “I Love You Because“.  Why?  Well, it’s a great show, and the buffet is its usual exceptional self (that is, if a buffet could be anthropomorphized.  That’s right, I said anthropomorphize.)  “I Love You Because” is based on the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice, and it features a small group of twenty-somethings living in New York, looking for love or lust or whatever else comes with it.

I’ve seen it two and a half times already, and it’s good.  Trust me.

So if you’re a student, or know a student, please share this great offer ($59 plus GST!) with them.  They won’t be disappointed, and I betcha they’ll come back.



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And at long last, the rest of the/my Dream Team   Leave a comment

If I don’t get the rest of the Dream Team fleshed out soon, it’ll be 2014.   So really quickly, here’s the rest of the Dream Team.

(First, though, I’m subbing the Baltimore Orioles’ Manny Machado in at shortstop and pulling Troy Tulowitzki out.  Tulo is just too injury-prone. and Machado is going to be a really good player for a long, long time.  A natural shortstop playing at third base, the Oriole should move back to short in the near future.

Now then, the other four members of the rotation:

RHP Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers – 30 years old

RHP Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals – 25 years old

RHP Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners – 27 years old

RHP Yu Darvish, Texas Rangers – 27 years old

(Here’s Darvish at work [just click the picture]: this is so cool.  Not so much if you’re a batter.)

darvish gif

And the bullpen – no eight-man bulllpens here.  Here are six relief aces that will shut the door on any lineup.

RHP Craig Kimbrel, Atlanta Braves – 25 years old

LHP Aroldis Chapman, Cincinnati Reds – 25 years old

RHP Kenley Jensen, Los Angeles Dodgers – 25 years old

LHP Sean Doolittle, Oakland Athletics – 26 years old

RHP Darren O’Day, Baltimore Orioles – 30 years old

RHP David Phelps, New York Yankees – 26 years old

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“I Love You Because” – the musical. (Not just an intriguing sentence fragment!)   Leave a comment

Alright, now I’m SERIOUS about being more active on my blog.  Promise.

Last night, Stage West Calgary kicked off its 2013-14 season with a show called “I Love You Because”.  Featuring Steffi D(iDomenicantonio – that’s her last name, don’t expect me to spell it again) from Canadian Idol, and five other talented singer/actors, I Love You Because is a musical set in modern-day New York, loosely based on the classic Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice.  It was funny, moved at a very lively pace, and performed flawlessly – not always the case on opening night.

And of course, the buffet.  No complaints there whatsoever.

I Love you Because is probably ideal for an audience in the 25- to 45-year-old range.  The humor’s a little PG-rated, so be warned if you can’t handle the occasional swear word.  Also, one of the actors dances around in green briefs for a couple of minutes (to the delight of several ladies in the audience last night).

It didn’t do much for me, but hey.

If you’re looking for a fun, casual form of entertainment over the next two months, along with a great meal, come check out this show.  If you’d like to book a group outing, drop me a line.

Here are some pictures – sorry, ladies, none of the aforementioned Jeff in his underwear.






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