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The results are in – "Two Hit Wonders" was awesome   Leave a comment

Of course, you already knew that, if you attended “Two Hit Wonders” at Stage West Calgary during its three-month run.  If you didn’t – well, you should have.  It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen at Stage West, and certainly the best musical.  It’s gone now, and if you decided to stay home and play video games or watch bad television or go out to see lousy movies at your local theatres… that’s all on you, my friend.

It’s gone, and it won’t be back.  That said, “One Hit Wonders” was a huge success back in 2008, and as you’ll see below, “Two Hit Wonders” was extremely popular… so maybe you should be on the lookout for “Three Hit Wonders” sometime in 2016?

Well, I think it’d be only right to finish the trilogy.

Here are some survey results to you to consider, taken from over 550 respondents.  Keep them in mind the next time someone recommends a show at Stage West Calgary.



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