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As some of you might know, I’ve been at Southcentre Mall the last couple of weeks on behalf of Stage West Calgary, selling gift certificates to those last-minute shoppers. Feel free to drop by these last few days before Christmas, or if you can’t, check out the bargains here.

When I first got down there, I thought that I would do a blog of the experience. However, I chickened out, worried that I’d get everything down on the old monitor and my computer would crash. It happens sometimes. And I get really angry when it does. Hulk angry.

(Edit: Sure enough, it did this time, too. Good thing I copy to Word before hitting “publish”.) 

So I decided to tweet yesterday. If you’re reading this, and also happen to sign my cheques, rest assured I was working as diligently as ever.

Here was my day, from beginning to end.

Maybe,instead of blogging about my gift certificate selling experience at @southcentremall, I’ll live-tweet about it. Guaranteed excitement.

The mall has been open for five minutes so far. No sales. But not giving up.

It’s only 10:10 AM and I’m already thinking Cinnzeo. Willpower, MacAskill, willpower. Sell a couple of @StageWestCgy gift certs first.

The hell with Cinnzeo. I brought a banana.

Lot of lookie-loos thus far. That’s a word, right?

Sold some brunches. Why, if you come visit me at @southcentremall today, you TOO can get a brunch gift cert – $69 each, good for 9 months!

@thatdanguy1 Did I mention I also do consulting work for a real estate (land) investment company? @belterraland#yyc#reddeer

I’m closing in on 2,000 tweets. I really hope I don’t hit that mark today, as that would mean it’s been quite the slow sales day.

I THINK I saw one of my former bosses walk by the booth. Waited too long to say hi… rationalizing that it wasn’t her now. Easier that way.

Someone came by the booth looking for a gift idea – but they live in #Edmonton. I heartily recommend(ed) #Violinos. Awesome food/service.

Pretty sure I saw Nona from the @BNIOptimum gang browsing at Pandora. She didn’t see me. I get that a lot.

Gotta love it when the neighbors drop by to buy @StageWestCgy gift certs. Someone’s moving up the #Christmas card priority list today.

I hate finding out that the bread in a/my sandwich was probably past its prime – yesterday.

Holy crap, Christmas Day is just a week away. I knew that, but I don’t think I really KNEW that.

Probably explains all the people at @southcentremall now…

It’s Taco Tuesday AND Twoonie Tuesday upstairs at the food court. Not telling you where they are, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Thinking I might steal items from the @StageWestCgy buffet tonight to use as “sampling incentives” to visit my booth tomorrow.

(They won’t let me get away with it at Jugo Juice.)

I just found a (the?) recipe for #Nutchos online. They were a #Christmas tradition until recently. I don’t bake, but by gum, I might try.

That second banana was delicious. Bananas also contain tryptophan, a type of protein that converts to serotonin and helps you relax.


Why don’t you follow some of the stars of “Two Hit Wonders” at @StageWestCgy ? @starmichy @elenajuatco @Lee_Siegel @aaronwalpole #yyc

I missed the other six members of the cast – just couldn’t find their Twitter handles. They’re really good, too.

Much obliged to the lady who just bought six gift certs from me. Brunch/matinee, 3-month evenings, 9-month evenings – take your pick!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the minutes in my shift. #closeenough

Last tweet from the mall. Silence is golden.




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  1. Great reading Jason! I actually was laughing out loud! I love your sense of ha ha!!

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