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Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller, 1986.

Took a while to do the new MacAskill’s Mailer.  Mostly, updating the address book.  But here it is, just click this sentence fragment to read it .  Next on the blog list – my rankings of every comic book movie I’ve ever seen in a movie theatre.  Gripping stuff, indeed.


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I want you! (In an Uncle Sam recruiting sort of way)   Leave a comment

This’ll be a short blog today. I’m working on my laptop, sans power cord, so this could quite literally end at anytime. I mean it. One keystroke an



Just kidding.

It was opening night at Stage West Calgary last night. Sexy Laundry is a very, very good show, and a great way to kick off the 2012-13 season. Thus, I am inviting you to come out. I am imploring you. I am asking you to tell all of your friends, and family, and co-workers to get tickets.

Hey, I’m not trying to sound desperate. On the contrary, I’m merely suggesting you partake in a great experience. After all, the product at Stage West Calgary speaks for itself. 31 years and counting of entertaining hundreds of thousands – I daresay millions – of Calgarians with the finest in live theatre. The food is outstanding, and there is a show for everybody. Five shows a year (three musicals and two plays), several musical revues, and the always popular (and increasingly full to capacity) Stage West for Kids.

I am asking you if you’d ever like to bring a group out to Stage West. Never been? No problem – if you’re truly interested in checking it out for your company or organization, let me know, and I’ll put a table away for you. There are plenty of reasons for you and yours to meet and relax outside the office… so why not do it here?

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