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A blast from the (Stage West Calgary) past!   Leave a comment

I saw these glasses at a thrift store last week.  The one on the left is 28 years old, featuring WKRP alumni Frank Bonner and Richard Sanders, from a show performed at Stage West in 1984.  The one on the right is from the third show ever done on our stage, and it featured David Cassidy way back in 1982.



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The new newsletter   Leave a comment

The latest edition of MacAskill’s Monthly Mailer – all yours, free of charge, and a jolly good read, to boot – is right here.  I didn’t want to cut and paste the whole thing in here because I’d lose the formatting.

This could be the shortest blog I’ve done in a while, but I tell you, clicking the link to my newsletter is worth it.  Stage West Calgary stuff, upcoming shows… but I’m not going to spoil it here.


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Too soon for a reboot, not soon enough to make serious bank   Leave a comment

The Amazing Spider-Man opens tomorrow, and I’ll most certainly go see it very soon.  When I first heard that they were starting over from the beginning, I was not impressed.  Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and the gang had it figured out.  The first movie was very good, the second one was even better, and the third… well, I was hoping they’d come back and redeem themselves with a Spider-Man IV.

Except they aren’t back.  New director (Marc Webb), new Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), and a darker re-telling (or so it seems) of the origin story.  Which kind of bugs me, but probably because I’m a comic book fan, and I’m acutely aware of who he was and how he got his powers.  I also suspect that just about everyone going to this movie know it, too, seeing how the last Spidey movie came out just five years ago.  Do  they really need to use the first act to tell the audience what they already know?

So why the sudden reboot?  Call me suspicious, but I think it’s because it’s going to make a lot of money for Sony Pictures.  Note I didn’t type “Marvel Studios”.  Years ago, Marvel Comics farmed out the rights to their properties to get them on the big screen, their big-ticket, huge-name characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four.  It wasn’t until Iron Man came out in 2008 under the Marvel Studios banner that they retained the film rights to their characters.  It was a huge gamble, financing the film themselves, but it paid off big-time.  The other Avengers properties – Thor, Captain America, the Hulk – they all inter-connect and interact, and… well, it just works.

Unfortunately, as long as Sony puts out Spider-Man flicks in a timely manner (and Fox does the same with the X-Men franchise), you’ll never see those characters interact with any of the characters in a Marvel (Studios) movie.  The Amazing Spider-Man is getting decent reviews thus far, and it will undoubtedly be very profitable and spawn sequels, but it’s a shame that Marvel Studios isn’t making it instead.  Maybe they’ll figure out a way to co-distribute these movies someday, so that all of the heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe can play together,  I can dream, right?

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