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Free lunch AND a show at Stage West? Tell me more!   Leave a comment

How’s that for a subject line?  Really gets your attention, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing, people.  I really want to focus my work and selling efforts on my home base, Stage West Calgary.  Just in case you’re new to town, or you’ve never checked it out, let me enlighten you.  Stage West Calgary is (in my humble opinion) the preeminent dinner theatre in the city, celebrating its 30th year of existence in 2012.  A veritable who’s who of screen and stage stars have performed there over the last four decades, entertaining crowds every year in engaging musicals, revues, and plays.

What you see on stage is worth the price of admission alone, but the food and service make the experience even more unforgettable.  The brunch and dinner buffets are stellar… and have contributed to my recent purchase of a new belt.

(I’m just kidding about that last part.)

(I bought my belt a while ago.)

I want to meet social club coordinators, event planners, and other people that help organize the fun activities and parties at their respective offices.  If you’re one of those people, contact me.  Every Friday, Stage West Calgary does an awesome seafood lunch buffet; if you’re interested in learning about the upcoming shows, group rates, and so forth, give me a ring or drop me a line in advance and I’ll chat with you about Stage West while enjoying a great meal.  Looking for a venue for the Christmas party?  Want to do something different this summer?  Let me know.

Or, if you can’t get away on a Friday afternoon, I might even treat you to a show.  I don’t often purchase things sight unseen, so why should you?  If you’re your company’s social guru, and you have a genuine interest in seeing a play or a musical at Stage West in person… by all means, find me.  I wouldn’t make this offer if I wasn’t completely confident that you and yours aren’t going to be thoroughly amazed.

Give me a few minutes of your time, that’s all I ask.




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I have over 1.2 million reasons you should check out Camrose Resort Casino   Leave a comment

Camrose Resort Casino is the newest hotel in the Stagewest Hospitality group.  It is located about an hour southeast of Edmonton, and is fully operational.  113 brand-new rooms and suites, conference and banquet space, a pool and waterslide, good food… and the casino.

I’m hoping I’m able to do an adequate cut-and-paste job here; I’ve included the press release at the bottom of my post.  Here’s the short version – last Friday, someone won over $1,200,000 on one of the slot machines.  One pull, one big payday.  Sure makes you want to visit the place now, doesn’t it?




Local Albertan WINS BIG – $1.2 MILLION BIG

 at the NEW Camrose Resort Casino!


At about 11:30 am on Friday, June 15, 2012 one lucky slot machine player at the new Camrose Resort Casino hit the jackpot on the Provincial Progressive Diamond Millions Slot Machine, winning a whopping $1,284,374.68 (one million, two hundred and eighty-four thousand, three hundred and seventy four dollars and 68 cents)!


This is only the 3rd time this prize has been awarded in Alberta since the machines were implemented in 2011.  The lucky winner has patronized the Camrose Casino before and was playing the $1.00 slot machine when she won over $1.2 million dollars!


The win was verified yesterday by Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission (this takes up to five days from the winning date).


When the winning machines lights and sounds were activated, a scream of excitement was heard clear across the Camrose Casino Floor, followed by instant shock!  A Camrose Casino Manager immediately approached her and confirmed her win.  She took a deep breath and calmly stepped outside to call her husband.


The winner, a long time resident of the surrounding area, was astounded.  She has requested her identity remain anonymous at this time.


The Management and Staff of the Camrose Resort Casino were absolutely thrilled. They were overwhelmed that the winner was someone from their local area. “For us to have an opportunity in a minor Casino to award such a huge WIN is extremely exciting! We are so very pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of this and for it to be given away in our Camrose Casino!

       Dawn Anderson, General Manager


The Camrose Resort Casino is located in beautiful Camrose, Alberta on the east end of Highway 13, conveniently located next door to the Camrose Regional Exhibition.


The Camrose Casino is owned by Stagewest Hospitality and the Camrose Regional Exhibition, the Casino opened on June 1, 2007 and features 200 of the NEWEST Slot Machines, 12 Table Games and a Private Poker Room (Blackjack, Mini Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em & 4 Card Poker, Roulette), the Joker’s Den Lounge and Eats Restaurant. 


On March 1, 2012 the Camrose Resort Casino HOTEL opened its doors.  Owned and operated by Stagewest Hospitality, the Hotel features 113 Guest Rooms & Suites, an indoor swimming pool with waterslides, a business centre, fitness centre and banquet and conference facilities.


President of Stagewest Hospitality, Jason Pechet was in the building at the time of the win!  He was pleased to have the opportunity to visit with her for close to 2 hours.  “It couldn’t happen to a nicer p
erson!  We are ecstatic for her and delighted that it took place in our Community!”.

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And now, a word about "The Marvelous Wonderettes" at Stage West Calgary…   Leave a comment

I saw it on opening night last Thursday, and I plan on seeing it again on Friday.  The four ladies who appear in this show are all amazing.  Amazing voices, comedic chops, and talented actresses all.  Go see it.



Here’s the other reason you should see it – the world-famous buffet.  What’s on the menu this time around..?


Dinner Buffet Menu

Cold & Salad Selections

Caesar Salad with Garlic Anchovy Dressing & Parmesan Cheese *#
Relish Platter
Fresh Vegetable Florets with Dill Dip #
New Red Potato Salad with Dijon Mayonnaise& Hard Boiled Eggs
Lebanese Fattoush Salad *
Waldorf Coleslaw !
Macaroni  Salad with Asparagus Grape Tomato & Cheese *
Teriyaki Beef Salad *
Chicken & Cannelloni Bean Salad with Basil Pesto !

Make Your Own Salad Bar

Rocket Salad, Garden Salad & Fresh Fruits Salad with Condiments

Crustacean & Mollusk

Cold Boiled Jumbo Shrimp with Roasted Garlic Aioli # & Cocktail Sauce
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs
New Zealand Kiwi Mussel In Half Shell
Marinated Asian Octopus *

Sushi & Sashimi

Atlantic Salmon & Albacore Tuna Sashimi
Tri-Color Tobiko Roe
Tempura Oyster Rolls & Mexican Rolls
Wasabi, Pickled Ginger & Soy Sauce


Roasted Alberta Baron of Beef with Red Wine Jus
Chinese Barbecue Roasted Pork with Hoi Sin Glaze

Sauté & Grill

Deep Fried Chocolate Ice Cream *
Strawberry Coulis & Chantilly Cream

Hot Selections

Fried Mexican Nacho Potato #
Roasted Zucchini & Mixed Bell Peppers
Sauté Button Mushrooms with White Wine
Rice Pilaf
Baked Pacific Cod Fillet with Fresh Herb Oil
Maple Dijon Chicken with Mixed Melon
Oriental Cashew Prawns
Fried Pork Tenderloin Neapolitan
Cajun Chicken with Hickory Barbecue Sauce & Caramelized Onion


White & Dark Chocolate Florentine Cookies *#!
Chocolate Rum Balls *#
Chocolate Grand Marnier Rolls *#
Summer Berry Yogurt Parfait *#
Almond & Carrot Poppy Seed Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
(Sugarless & Flourless) #
Baked Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake *#!
Strawberry Short Cake *#
Coconut Rice Pudding with Chantilly Cream #
Assorted Canadian & Imported Cheese with Crackers *#
Fresh Fruit in Season

* gluten

# dairy

! nut



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Land in demand!   Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I did a land-type blog, but I saw a couple of things recently that caught my eye.  As I’ve mentioned many times before, investing in land can be lucrative – IF you do your own due diligence, and learn as much as you can about the project and the company you’re choosing to invest with.  Be smart, and don’t expect outrageous returns that seem too good to be true.

Belterra Land Company has focussed on central Alberta since its formation a few years ago.  And for good reason – the oil industry, a surging population, location, and several other factors have made this particular area very appealing to… well, everybody.  However, don’t take my word for it – check out the area for yourself.  The indicators are there.

So when I saw this article in the Calgary Herald last Friday (link here), I figured I should bring it to your attention.  It’s not central Alberta per se, but it’s Calgary.  A large city growing larger.  A city that, despite a not inconsiderable high cost of living, is thriving and expanding.  How much?  Well, how’s this for a statistic – the value of building permits increased 95 per cent since last May.  The article in the Herald was short, so I’ve copied it below:

Calgary building permits soar in May  

Increase of 95% from last year





CALGARY — The estimated construction value of building permit applications last month in Calgary jumped to $534 million, an increase of 95 per cent from May 2011’s $273 million.

The city reported Friday that year-to-date building permits total $2.142 billion.

Year-to-date values are up 12 per cent compared with 2011 ($1.912 billion), up 26 per cent compared with the five-year average ($1.706 billion) and up 31 per cent compared with the 10-year average ($1.631 billion).

The city said the four most active sectors for May were single-family (new) residential at $147 million, commercial (new) at $96 million, apartment (new) at $87 million and commercial (improvement) at $62 million.

For the month there were 49 permits valued over $1 million, with seven of those at more than $10 million, including Evolution Phase 1 ($51 million, new apartment), Calgary Strata Building 2 ($35 million, new warehouse/office) and Oxford Airport Business Park Building E ($12 million, new office).


To steer this back to Belterra, the first project they worked on was called The Slopes of Sylvan Lake.  They bought the raw land, did the pre-development work, worked with various local and regional parties, and did everything required to make it a viable, attractive piece of property.  It was a lot of hard work, and those people who invested in the project should be thanked and be thankful.  The individual lots in this project went on sale on June 1, and given the scarcity of property in this area, it could fetch its investors a good return.

It used to be dirt and rocks and trees.  Below is an artist’s rendition of the project.  Think it might sell?


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Show, don’t tell – Stagewest promotions are everywhere!   Leave a comment

Lots of promotions at various Stagewest properties throughout Alberta and Ontario to report on tonight.  Most of them, very self-explanatory… and if you do need more information on any of them, at any venue, please contact me.







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Leaving Las Vegas   Leave a comment

I don’t know that this will be an organized accounting of our trip to Vegas – this might be more a stream-of-consciousness thing.  Probably just as well, as the trip was kind of like that.  The missus and I were there for five nights and four days, and neither of us had ever been there.  Tracy planned it; we celebrated my birthday, and our anniversary (a bit early, but hey, we were there).

It was hot.  So hot that a heat warning was issued the day we left.  It got progressively hotter and hotter every day we were there.  The pool was great; the lack of sunscreen I applied on Wednesday, not so much.  Thank God for the fruity drinks.

There were a lot of good-looking people down there.  There were also a lot of people who thought they were better-looking than they actually were.

And the less said about some of the tattoos I saw, the better.

Zumanity was… interesting.  It’s a Cirque de Soleil show that features a lot of nakedness, acrobatics, and naked acrobatics.  It was hosted by a quartet of kinky characters, and they sought audience interaction throughout the performance.  Luckily, I didn’t get picked out of the crowd…

…Until the very end.  It always happens.  First, I get called up on stage at Stage West Calgary, then Zumanity.  Why me?

It felt weird to buy a beer in a convenience store, walk down the street with it in broad daylight, drink from it. and walk into other stores and casinos.  Luckily, I’m a fast learner.

We stayed at New York New York.  Nice place.  Broke even on the slots, thanks to a last-minute jackpot play.  The restaurants were OK, and our room didn’t have a fridge.  Still, a nice place.  I wasn’t brave enough to try any of the table games, though.

If I never hear or see a guy trying to give me coupons for tours or pornography, it’ll still be too soon.

We walked up and down the Strip on Tuesday, and tried to check out all of the hotels.  To be honest, it’s a bit of a blur now. but some stood out more than others.  Caesars was huge.  The Bellagio was very nice.  The older casinos are showing their age compared to the shiny new ones, but i’m sure they have their charms.  Don’t know if I’d ever stay at one, though.

The Flamingo was neat, too.  It was the last one we inspected, and it was different than the others.  Brighter and whiter; a lot of the other hotels seemed darker, with reds and blacks and blues.  Their pool area was pretty sweet.

I couldn’t imagine ever subjecting children to the smoky, noisy, crowded casino floor, but it didn’t stop other guests from doing it.  Smarten up, people.

I saw junk and crap and crappy merchandise everywhere, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find a Las Vegas 51s baseball cap.  Seriously?

And that’s about it.  It was a blast.  Let’s do it again.




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