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Two pricing promotions you MUST know about at Stage West Calgary   Leave a comment


Pretty self-explanatory, aren’t they?

If you want to bring some friends, family, employees, clients, or vendors to a show, please let me know.  Sunday evenings, Thursday nights – for that matter, anytime – give me a call, or drop me a note.  Or, if you can refer anybody for the same reason, I can help them, too.


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A review for "Summer In The City"   Leave a comment

Courtesy of the Eagle 100.9 (link here), here is their review for Stage West Calgary’s latest and greatest show, a musical revue called “Summer In The City”…


A Musical Revue Review


Monday, 16 April 2012 11:40


A bunch of us from the station headed out to Stage West over the weekend to see Summer In The City: A Musical Revue by Randy Johnson and Howard Pechet.

Now, if you’re an Eagle listener – and you probably are if you’re reading this – then this is a MUST SEE show! It’s a fun play list of songs by the likes of The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Monkees, Joni Mitchel, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Steppenwolf and many others.

This musical revue celebrates a unique time and sound in the history of pop music. From the coffee houses of Greenwich Village to the California sun, “Summer in the City” is a pop music explosion of some of the greatest songs and artists to come out of the 1960s and early ‘70s. The musical trend of the time was a fusion of folk, pop and rock n’ roll and it’s now time to return this lost genre to the musical stage.” (the synopsis from the playbill)

Before I get into the show though, I have to talk food. Stage West is well known for it’s large buffet and believe me, you will never be disappointed! My favourites this time around include the Indian Butter jumbo shrimp, the fried eggplant parmigiana, the cheese Duchess potatoes and of course the good ol’ Alberta Beef at the carving table – I’m a sucker for a slice of beef, some Red Wine jus and horseradish.

Then it’s time for dessert – cheesecake to die for, chocolate rum balls and fresh fruit! Yum!!

Alright, our bellies are full and now it’s time for the show to begin.

Everyone did an awesome job but there were a few moments that really stood out for me. One was when, going by the cast list I believe it was Julian Peter, came out as Neil Young to sing Heart of Gold. He played the harmonica and guitar in true Young style and pulled it off beautifully. You could hear a thrilled gasp from most of the audience. I also enjoyed the strong deep voice of Dale Miller and the energy the entire cast had from beginning to end was amazing. They definitely had the crowd grooving in their seats – or standing and waving her arms in the air in the case of one very enthusiastic lady!

All in all it was a great evening and like I said, I would recommend it for those who enjoy the music we play right here on the Eagle 100.9.

Visit for show and ticket information.

Until the next story or community event…I’m Ally Cramm.



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Highlights of my latest Belterra project update   Leave a comment

Because I chose to invest with Belterra Land Company in their Red Deer project, I get regular updates on how the market, and my investment, is doing.  A couple of weeks ago, I received their latest quarterly update; I’ve selected some of the highlights from that update for you to read at your leisure.



But before I get to those highlights, I also wanted to mention this invitation thatyou get to that, I wanted to mentioned that I also received THIS in my inbox:


Belterra Land Company invites you to attend an information session on the principles of land-based real estate investments and our current project in Red Deer, Alberta.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

 #404, 2303 4th Street SW

 (In Mission)

 6:00 p.m. Refreshments

 6:30 p.m. Presentation


If you’re
interested in attending, please let me know.  Read the update below; go through some of my earlier posts in this blog if you like, and decide for yourself if seminar is worth your time.






Project #3: Red Deer
Almost two years to the day Belterra received fantastic news about its most recent property; 77.97 acres on the city’s eastern boundary. Our property was appraised at almost $900K more than the purchase price. In a down economy (in any economy), annual appreciation of almost $450K is exceptional. This and current values of land sales continue to reinforce the positive growth and economic fundamentals of the Red Deer market.
There are still units available in Red Deer. If you are looking for an opportunity to take advantage of Cash, Financed or RRSP units, please contact us to set-up an appointment.
REIN: Red Deer, Alberta
In December, REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) ranked Red Deer as the 9th best place for investment in all of Canada. This is no surprise given its position between the top-ranked cities of Edmonton (#2) and Calgary (#1). The area has seen a lot of growth in the last seven years, becoming a hub of commercial and retail activity for central Alberta.  Better transportation has meant job and population growth, drawing people from all over.
#9 – Best Places to Live in 2012
MoneySense Magazine, in their 2012 rankings of the best places to live in Canada, has ranked Red Deer at #9. Every year, the personal finance and lifestyle magazine lists the most desirable communities in which to reside. Last year, Red Deer was ranked 96th, and in 2010 the city came in 117th.
In additional rankings of Best Places for Jobs in 2012, Red Deer ranked at #2 ahead of power centres Calgary, St. Albert and Edmonton.
Project #1: The Slopes
In April of 2008, Belterra Land Company completed the sale of its very first project to investors. Almost 4 years later, following a diligent planning and approvals process, those same investors voted to proceed to the Development Phase of this project. In December 2011, we received overwhelming support with 96.2% of Joint Venture participants voting in favour of development.
In the coming months, Belterra Land Company and its planning and engineering partners will facilitate the subdivision of The Slopes into saleable lots to builders and the public. All of our research and feedback leads us to believe that this development will be very well received in Sylvan Lake. It is a very exciting time for both Belterra Land Company and our Joint Venture partners as we take another step closer to
generating a return on investment for all stakeholders.
Through March and April, MPE Engineering will continue the detailed design work that will be required for Subdivision Approval.
The Belterra project management team is hard at work preparing budgets, securing Builder partners, interviewing contractors and preparing to introduce this exciting new community to the public.

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It’s a short one, but it tells you where I want you to go.   Leave a comment


If you want to bring a group, let me know.

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Taxes, work, or a lazy Saturday top ten list about my favorite wrestlers? Hmmm…   Leave a comment – another way to find me!

I could be doing some BNI work, and I really should be doing my taxes… that, I assure you, will get done tomorrow.  But it’s Saturday, I’m watching baseball and doing laundry, and I figure it’s not worth getting off the comfy couch and going upstairs.

Thus, another top ten list.

My all-time favorite wrestlers.

This will be prettyclose to the list’s true order, though depending on my mood or the DVD I happen to watch, it might change.  It’s not that embarrassing to say that I was a big fan of it as a child, watching Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling in the Maritimes a long, long time ago.  When I was entering my teens, and finally had access to cable and tapes, the WWF was starting to dominate the landscape, making the business more mainstream with their pop culture / “Rock and Wrestling” crossovers.  Ten, 15 years later, and I was still watching, when WCW and ECW provided true alternatives and helped make the “sport” as popular and competitive as ever.  Due to the rise of MMA, and (in my opinion) a lack of a strong competitor in 2012 (WCW and ECW were both bought out by Vince McMahon in 2001) , it’s lost plenty of fans.  However, it’s still a thriving industry.

My son watches now, voraciously, so I still do, too… but enough jibber-jabber.  Here they are:

10. (TIE) Sting – he might rank higher if he had retired 10 years earlier.  In his prime, he was a dynamo – strong, fast, and charismatic.  One of the very, very few wrestlers that never jumped to the WWF/WWE, though he had several opportunities.  Similarly, the Midnight Express comprised of Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane never appeared in the WWF – maybe a little too small, or Southern, for McMahon’s liking, but they were a great tag-team in the late 80s.

9.  Christian – a great worker, talker, and fellow Canadian.  Probably underrated, but when compared to his best friend and “storyline brother” Edge, he wasn’t considered as bankable as a main event star.  Injuries haven’t helped lately, either.

8.  The Rock – I personally think he’s a better wrestler than others give him credit for – I don’t recall him having too many BAD matches – but he makes the list primarily on the strength of his personality.  And bonus points for getting out healthy and wealthy.

7.  Kurt Angle – the 1996 Olympic gold medalist was introduced to the WWF fans as someone that wanted to be cheered, but had to be booed.  Throughout his career, he has been both the good guy and the bad guy, and “good” as both because of his unparalleled skills in the ring.

6.  Steve Austin – Austin 3:16 made him a phenomenon in 1996, and one of the most popular and famous wrestlers ever.  Until neck and knee injuries slowed him down, Austin was an excellent wrestling technician, too.  WCW should have never let him go, but who knew?

5.  The British Bulldogs – Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid are generally best remembered as the great WWF team that they were in the mid-80s, than the cautionary tales they eventually became due to careers riddled and ruined by drug and steroid abuse.  But in their prime, wow.

4.  Barry Windham – I don’t think I overrate him, because so many of his peers say he was one of the best that ever stepped in the ring.  He never held a “true” world championship (well, he kind of did, but it’s a long story), but deserved to; big, naturally strong, quick, and a great technician.

3.  Randy Savage – the guy was flat-out awesome, and made such an impression in the wrestling world that it made him a recognized name outside the ring.  I wrote about him after his death here; click if you want to.

2.  Curt Hennig – you might also remember him as “Mr. Perfect”.  He was a tremendous athlete, and his vignettes entering the WWF in the 1980s are some of the most entertaining and successful of their kind, ever.  An excellent pure wrestler, and a great bad guy.

1.  Bret Hart – like Hennig, he was a second-generation wrestler, and a great one at that; in fact, he and Hennig had several show-stealers together.  He held every belt he could in the WWF, left after one of the most controversial matches ever, and ended his in-ring career in WCW.  As a kid, I always thought he was believable, which in my mind, isn’t the backhanded compliment it might sound like… well, it was real to me, darn it.




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Did you know the buffet at Stage West Calgary is awesome? My belt does.   Leave a comment

This blog will seem long – and it is – but only because it’s the current dinner menu at Stage West Calgary.  With every new show comes a new menu – the delicious mainstays are still (and always) there for your enjoyment, as are a few tasty additions and replacements.  If you haven’t been to Stage West in a while, or if you just want to enjoy a multi-course meal with about 120 options at your disposal, make sure you check out Summer In The City this spring.

I defy you to tell me you can’t put together a plate (or three) that won’t meet your expectations.  Take your pick of the following:


Dinner Buffet Menu

Cold & Salad Selections

Caesar Salad with Garlic Anchovy Dressing & Parmesan Cheese *#
Relishes Platter
Fresh Vegetable Florets with Dill Dip #
New Red Potato Salad with Dijon Mayonnaise & Hard Boiled Eggs
Edamame Hummus with Garlic Pita Chips *!
Roasted Ratatouille Salad with Bocconcini Cheese & Fresh Basil Oil  #
Raspberry Cole Slaw
Thai Red Curry Beef & Bean Sprout Salad  
Coconut Chicken & Pineapple Salad !

Make Your Own Salad Bar

Cobb Salad, Garden Salad & Fresh Fruit Salad with Condiments

Crustacean & Mollusk

Cold Boiled Jumbo Shrimp with Roasted Garlic Aioli # & Cocktail Sauce
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs
New Zealand Kiwi Mussel in Half-shell
Seafood Frittata #

Sushi & Sashimi

Atlantic Salmon & Albacore Tuna Sashimi
Japanese Seaweed Salad
Shrimp Salad Rolls & Avocado Tomato Lettuce Rolls
Wasabi, Pickled Ginger & Soy Sauce


Roasted Alberta Baron of Beef with Red Wine Jus
Tapenade Crusted Pork Loin with Cinnamon Apple Salsa

Sauté & Grill

Indian Butter Jumbo Shrimp with Basmati Rice & Mango Chutneys #

Hot Selections

Cheese Duchess Potato #
Grilled Roma Tomato with Herbs
Sauté Green & Wax Beans with White Miso Paste
Fried Eggplant Parmigiana with Roasted Broccoli
Pad Thai Noodles with Baby Arugula Salad *
Southwest Style Fire Roasted Haddock Loin
Sweet Chili Glaze Beef Short Ribs with Citrus Gremolata
Indian Fry Jumbo Shrimp with Masala Aioli
Spanish Chicken Roulade with Manchego Cheese #


White & Dark Chocolate Florentine Cookies *#!
Chocolate Rum Balls *#!
Double Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake *#
Lemon Mousse Rolls *#
Fresh Fruit Tarts *#
Summer Berry Yogurt Parfait *#
Chocolate Chestnut Meringue Pie *#
Pear Almond Black Sesame Cake ( Sugarless & Flourless ) #
Strawberry Cheesecake *#
Maracuja Mousse Tort *#
Crepes Suzette * with Chantilly Cream #
Assorted Canadian & Imported Cheese with Crackers *#
Fresh Fruits in Season

* gluten

# dairy

! nut


Please note, there are different menus for the matinee, and the Sunday brunch.  Click here to see all three menus.  I dare you.


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And the newest show at Stage West is…   Leave a comment

Summer In The City opens this Thursday, April 5th, at Stage West Calgary.  I could try to tell you all about it, but I haven’t seen it yet.  Sorry.  I do know that the stage is getting prepped, and that the cast and crew have been here in Calgary rehearsing for a while now.  I’ve also heard the occasional solo from my office.

What to do, what to do… (Googles stuff…) How about I let you read a story about someone who knows the subject matter intimately?  Courtesy of the Calgary Sun, and copied below, a piece from Louis B. Hobson on Randy Johnson, the show’s co-creator.


Stage heats up with Summer In The City


By Louis Hobson , Calgary Sun

First posted:  Thursday,  March 29, 2012 11:05 PM MDT


Those 1960s and 1970s were the days my friend we thought would never end.

They did but, according to Randy Johnson, that doesn’t mean we have to forget them.

Johnson has teamed up with Howard Pechet to create Stage West’s newest musical tribute show Summer in the City, which opens Thursday.

“It was an incredible period for music that took us from the coffee houses of Greenwich Village to the beaches of California.

“It gave us such superstar groups as The Mamas & The Papas, Peter, Paul & Mary, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Poppy Family, The Monkees, Gary Lewis & The Playboys and The Young Rascals,” says Johnson, who is also staging the musical extravaganza.

Though he could have and wanted to use more than 100 songs, Johnson and Pecket had to whittle the song list down to 40.

“We’re going to miss some people’s favourites, but that’s because there were so many great songs and performers like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Neil Diamond, Gail Garnette and Dusty Springfield.

“We end Act 1 with Richard Harris’ MacArthur Park. Well at least seven minutes of it.”

Summer in the City is aimed at the hearts of people who lived through those two decades, but Johnson is not worried about those born after 1980.

“It’s the kind of music that if you remember it, you’ll fall in love with it all over again, and if you don’t remember it, you fall in love with it for the first time especially given the talented 10 performers we’ve assembled for this show.”

Johnson says he can see Summer in the City “bursting out of Stage West.

“It’s the kind of feel-good show that could run in a lot of theatres for a very long time.”

From Johnson, this is not an idle prediction.

He knows how to create a hit show. Back in 1989, Johnson came to Calgary to direct Stage West’s musical Leader of the Pack.

A few years later he created Always Patsy Cline, a journey through the music, life and loves of the iconic country singer.

For 10 years, productions of Always Patsy Cline toured North America and were mounted in countless community theatres making it the most produced musical in North America.

The success of Always Patsy Cline had the estates of performers as well as performers themselves knocking on Johnson’s door asking him to create a similar show for them.

In rapid succession he produced One Night With Janis Joplin, Conway Twitty The Musical, An Evening with Lorna Luft and The Wildest: The Music of Louis Prima and Keely Smith.

Johnson also conceived Elvis The Concert, which features actual footage of Elvis and his original band.

Tickets for Summertime in the City are available at Stage West’s box office at 403-243-6642.


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